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SSFIV 3DS development akin to "a path full of thorns," says Ono

Yoshinori Ono has said expectations for Super Street Fighter IV 3D were so high, development was rather difficult for the team.

Speaking with CVG, Ono went so far as to compare it to a "path full of thorns."

"In a way it was a path full of thorns, because there were established console editions of the game with internet connectivity that became what people would automatically expect," he said, adding that fans demanded an product equal or superior to the console version.

"They don't care if it's a portable edition," he said. "When we say we're going to release a Street Fighter for launch on 3DS, people are going to expect everything that currently exists for Street Fighter regardless of platform. The efforts put into doing that along with Nintendo engineers who have been working on the operation system in the libraries of the dev kit was difficult.

"It wasn't a struggle as such, but it was difficult to meet the launch date with everything implemented so perfectly."

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