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Square Enix open to Western-developed Final Fantasy games


What happens in Japan evidently doesn't stay in Japan. It just takes more than two decades to leave. Speaking with Edge (via, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada gave a thumbs-up to the idea of a non-Japanese developed installment of his company's flagship Final Fantasy series.

"That is one of the possible paths, but it's not something that we would shift completely over to," he said. "There is always a possibility that Final Fantasy could be produced with the input of our Western developers, overseen by our Japanese developers."

Wada's current proof-of-concept? Batman: Arkham Asylum, of all things.

"Something like Batman: Arkham Asylum, for example, is something that is very like the Japanese taste in games, in fact it caters very much to the Japanese taste. Arkham Asylum is like the best aspects of Metal Gear solid, but evolved," Wada enthused.

Hey Mr. Wada, does your oft-rumored collaboration with GRIN count? Because we hear that didn't end so well.

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