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Square Enix nabs Final Fantasy XIII-2 domain name


Square Enix has thrown the cat among the fanboy pigeons by quietly registering the domain name "" - cue rampaging delight, outraged horror and wild speculation.

Another bit of super-sleuthing from superannuation
(via RPG Site) turned up the domain name registration, still fresh from its January 11 birth.

Superannuation noted that the registering body, Corporation Service Company, was also behind Square Enix's domain - and Unofficial Final Fantasy Site did a little snooping of their own to turn up three more Square Enix registrations from the same firm, for Nier, Front Mision Evolved, and Gun Loco.

It doesn't mean anything, of course... Or, yes, it could mean Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be announced at an upcoming Square Enix event next week. Square Enix have made one other direct sequel to a core FF release - Final Fantasy X-2.

Thanks for the tip, Alex!

[Update]: Oh alright then, AND Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. And half a dozen non-direct sequels, mobile games, spin-offs, and tie-in cartoons and films.

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