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Tactical shooter Squad gets Alien-inspired sci-fi mod

Thanks to the arrival of modding 2.0 in Squad, the game's community is today showcasing some really interesting work.

Squad's updated modding suite has just been released, available to all players for free. The tools allow those with the know-how to create everything from weapons and maps to total conversion mods.

Alongside the launch of modding 2.0, Squad developer Offworld Industries is highlighting some standout projects, all of which will be available through Squad's Steam Workshop directory for free.

Enter Space Crew, a total conversion mod set aboard a spaceship, inspired by a certain iconic sci-fi thriller. The monster - called the Raptor - even looks the part, though hopefully its design distinct enough to avoid a takedown. Space Crew features a co-op survival mode where players will be tasked with avoiding detection, and solving a few puzzles to outrun the monster.

If Space Crew, or any of the mods at the links above, intrigue you, you can try 'em out yourself by downloading Squad while it's free and 50% off this weekend on Steam. As always, downloading mods on Steam Workshop is as easy as clicking a button - though in this case you'll also need a server running the mod, given its multiplayer nature.

Offworld Industries will be showcasing Space Crew and many other mods later today on Twitch beginning 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST.

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