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Sports games "don't seem to be changing," says Molyneux

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The sports genre is at an impasse, Peter Molyneux has told VG247, and is seemingly failing to make any real step forward.

The designer had previously said he may like to work on a sports title, but informed that the comment was merely made out of the desire to try something new.

"As far as the sports game's concerned, what I was saying at that time is that, for me personally, it's the challenge of doing something I haven't done before, and obviously I've never done anything like a sports game before," he said.

"I think sports are a done a certain way, and it seem like a very solid, very solid way, and they don't seem to be changing. There's obviously refreshes of technology in there, but there's not that step-change which you can see other genres taking.

"That was the fascination. It wasn't an announcement of, 'I'm going to be doing a sports game,' or anything like that."

So no sports game, but Molyneux has already said his said game is to be an AI breakthrough. No more hints?

"I can't really give you any more clues," he added. "I mean, I got in trouble for saying that.

"Obviously, theses days, when there are millions and millions of dollars at stake, you've got to be responsible about this, and I did anyway say that I wouldn't talk about anything unless I could show it, prove it and it was ready to be unveiled.

"So, I'm afraid that's going to be 'no comment.'"

Peter's answer was given to a question supplied by poster dEM0NSVK, as you can see in this thread.

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