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Spend $100 on the PlayStation Store in North America, get $15 back

Sony wants to help you afford all those great games released so far this year.


Sony has announced a nice promotion for those looking to pick up a few digital games through the PlayStation Store in the next few days. The offer is only available on the North American store.

If you spend $100 or more on anything on the store, you'll receive a $15 cashback as a PSN Wallet voucher. Here's the catch: all purchases have to come out of your PSN Wallet balance, not through your credit card or other means.

This means you'll have to pre-charge your wallet either through your card, or by getting codes at retail. The promotion applies to purchases made between February 21 and February 28. The event kicks off at 12:01am PT, 3:01am PT on February 21. You'll have until midnight PT, 3am ET on February 28 to take advantage.

As for the $15 voucher code, Sony said it will be set on or before March 14 either through email or as a direct message. Codes must be redeemed before midnight PT, 3am ET on March 31.

Keep in mind that you can use this on pre-orders and items on sale, but do note that you won't get more than a single voucher - so spending $300 still only gets you $15 back.

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