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6 Reasons why Spellforce 3 Reforced feels Fresh on Consoles

Grab this thrilling blend of RPG and RTS on Xbox and PlayStation now.

Gather your army and venture forth! Spellforce 3 Reforced, the acclaimed fantasy adventure that combines rich and characterful role-playing with action-packed real-time strategy, has landed on consoles like a descending dragon. To celebrate the arrival of the fantasy epic on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, we’ve put together a list of what makes Spellforce 3 Reforced such a unique and enticing prospect. So here are six reasons why Spellforce 3: Reforced is perfect for console.

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An innovative blend of genres…

Spellforce 3’s combination of RPG and RTS enables it to represent the full spectrum of scenarios you’d expect from a fantasy epic. You can create your own hero and form a party of adventures, exploring massive fantasy cities and delving through dungeons on exciting quests. But when the forces of darkness arise against you, you’re also able to build an army to fight them by establishing a base, recruiting units, and capturing territory to acquire resources. Whatever the scale of your story, Spellforce 3 is equipped to represent it.

Fully refined, updated, and specially tailored to console

The ‘Reforced’ edition of Spellforce 3 amasses a dragon’s hoard of updates and refinements over the original release. The game’s RTS mechanics have been completely overhauled, while the three playable factions (humans, orcs, and elves) have been reworked to be more distinctive in play. Moreover, character skill-trees have been expanded, while both the game’s central hub and general quest-flow has been tweaked to ensure a better paced experience. Add to this several new modes including Arena Mode, PvP skirmish, and twenty hours of additional content in “Journey Mode”, and the result a massively improved experience.

Spellforce 3 Reforced has also been carefully adapted to play perfectly on console. The Reforced edition offers full support for gamepads, with a control-scheme that has been specifically designed to make controlling your party and commanding your armies effortless. In addition, the UI has been completely redesigned for the console editions, ensuring the details of your party and army can be comprehended at a glance, while the game has been optimised to run smoothly and crisply on whichever platform you choose.

Experience an epic story

A prequel to Spellforce: The Order of Dawn, Spellforce 3 is the perfect place to begin your Spellforce adventure. It takes place in the year 518, after a rebellion of renegade mages has been brutally put down by the Crown. However, the civil war has left the realm in chaos, as countless refugees have been forced to flee the fighting, while a terrible plague known as the “Bloodburn” spreads throughout the land.

Into this maelstrom steps Rondar Lacaine, a Priest who claims to have the solution to all the realm’s misfortunes, calling for a complete banishment of all magic. Lacaine asks you, a disgraced former corporal of the Queen’s Wolf Guard, to help him put an end to the plague, but are Lacaine’s intentions pure, or are you merely a pawn in a much larger game? Find out across Spellforce 3 Reforced’s dramatic 30+ hour campaign.

Customise your hero and your party

Spellforce 3: Reforced’s deep RPG systems allow you to create whatever hero you desire. The extensive character creator allows you to tailor the gender, skin colour and general appearance of your hero, while its layered class system lets you not only select you’re hero’s general vocation, but specify it by picking three skill-trees called “disciplines”.

As you play, your character will become further specialised through upgrading these disciplines and acquiring new weapons and equipment. So too will the other characters who join your party as you explore Spellforce 3’s expansive world. Up to three companions can accompany you to any location on the world map, letting you outfit your party to deal with every possible scenario.

Raise massive armies

No fantasy RPG is complete without an epic battle or two, or in the case of Spellforce 3, dozens. Unlike most fantasy RPGs, Spellforce 3 gives you direct control over the army you field, from individual units to the faction you choose to deploy. Command ranks of infantrymen, arbalists, and halberdiers as the human faction, or field bow-wielding rangers and powerful druids as the elves. Alternatively, the orc faction lets you deploy hulking brutes and nimble hunters supported by gigantic trolls and the terrifying Flesh Colossus. Whichever faction you choose, your forces will be led into the fray by your party of heroes, who can turn the tide of battle with powerful melee attacks and devastating spells.

Play with friends, or against them

Spellforce 3 is designed to accommodate a wide range of multiplayer experiences. The entire campaign can be played cooperatively, with all players either choosing separate factions, or joining together under a single banner. For more competitive types, Spellforce 3 offers PvP battles, as well as a domination mode and the new “Arena” mode introduced with the Reforced edition. Whether you want to fight alone, alongside your friends, or against them, Spellforce 3 Reforced has you covered.