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Spector teases "surprises" within future Junction Point projects

Junction Head boss Warren Spector has teased the studio's upcoming future projects, promising "surprises".

"I can tell you I’m really excited about future projects from Junction Point. There’ll certainly be some surprises. Beyond that, you’re getting’ nothin’ outta me," Spector told IndustryGamers in a short quote.

The Deus Ex and Epic Mickey creator also noted that the evolution of social games is "changing games in all sorts of ways, some good, some bad," adding it would be "inevitable that social and mobile will be a big part of our gaming future."

He continued: "On the plus side, these two game platforms or styles are growing the audience for gaming. There are so many more people interested in interactive entertainment now than there were before social and mobile came along.

"Playing games has become so commonplace the word 'gamer' seems almost anachronistic, if not unnecessary. On the downside, social and mobile have changed expectations of game costs – both for developers making games and consumers playing them."

There's more from the interview at the link.

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