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SouthPeak CEO: Gamecock brand in question, but “independent mantra” isn’t

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With infamous formerly-indie publisher Gamecock now in the clutches of SouthPeak Interactive, it seems the Ken Levine-heckling group’s days of pranking and prodding are numbered.

SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz did little to allay this sentiment with a cryptic response to MTV Multiplayer’s query on the topic.

“[The Gamecock label’s future role] is still a work in progress. Lots of issues to resolve in terms of branding and such. Those discussions are on-going as we speak,” she said.

However, though Gamecock may be on the verge of its final cluck, its spirit will live on at SouthPeak.

“We have stated goals of finding independent developers with unique IPs and with Gamecock gracing the pages of newssites everywhere, it was pretty clear who shared our beliefs. And there isn’t anything to correct. Rather, we look to expand upon their efforts,” explained Mroz.

“As I have said all day, the independent game developer is the heart and soul of this industry and the fact one publisher joins another doesn’t change that… We do need innovation. Creative freedom. And respect for developers. Who can argue with that?”

Gamecock minus shenanigans equals Melanie Mroz. We imagine Gamecock might’ve actually done something other than p**s people off if SouthPeak had commandeered the vessel sooner.

By Nathan Grayson

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