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South Park Studios files motion to halt THQ's auction of The Stick of Truth publishing rights

South Park Studios has filed a motion to halt THQ's auction of publishing rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth in development with Obsidian.

According to a filing with the US Bankruptcy Court in Delaware dug up by NeoGAF, South Park Studios have submitted an objection to THQ's sale.

The studio's filing states THQ doesn't have the authority to auction off publishing rights for The Stick of Truth, as it should be allowed to buy back the game rights themselves before seeking a new publisher.

South Park Studios cites the contract it signed with THQ in 2011, in which the studio is allowed to take over "all elements of the game and related products" at the cost of THQ should the publisher be found in breach of contract.

The studio also cited section 365(c)(1) of the US Bankruptcy Code, claiming that THQ can't sell the rights to another publisher.

THQ filed a response, stating it has the rights to auction the publishing rights off if it pleases, citing a clause in the contract which has been "redacted from the public documentation," according to Gamespot.

The firm's legal team said it would "work toward a consensual resolution of the Objection prior to the Sale Hearing," which started in about 30 minutes as of press time.

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