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Soul Calibur V was almost Soul Edge 2

Now that the cat's officially out of the bag, Soul Calibur V director Daishi Odashima is even more willing to spill details on Twitter - including the also-ran title, Soul Edge 2.

"Actually, I asked the company if we can call the game ‘Soul Edge 2’ but they said ‘no’," Odashima said of Soul Calibur 5.

Soul Edge - or Blade, in some territories - was the first entry in the series, before being retitled Soul Calibur with the second outing.

The Soul series is notorious for its ever more scantily-clad ladies, but Odashima said he's not interested in an increasingly popular destructible clothing mechanic, agreeing that it "was a bit too much".

The director also promised the game will make an appearance at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show - perhaps both.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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