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Sony web store opens, features PS3, PS Vita content and more

Sony has opened its Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) web store, serving as a browser-based equivalent to the PlayStation Store. You can buy games, movies, TV shows and other items online and queue them up for downloading on your console. Find out how here.

The SEN web store can be found here, giving user the option of signing in using their PSN ID and buying content using a range of debit or credit cards, and PayPal.

However, as Eurogamer has noted, purchases on the store don't automatically download on your console as yet, even though they are added to your download queue after purchase.

The site adds that downloads can be activated by following these steps:

"Sign into your SEN account, then select the Account Management option. Go to Transaction Management, then Download List, then select the content you want to download."

Bear in mind that his is a test store that doesn't offer the full spread of PlayStation Store content, but there are some nifty deals on there so far. Check out the 'Games' section for more details.

What do you make of the store? Does it fall in line with the all-encompassing entertainment that Sony and Microsoft have been touting for next gen? Let us know below.

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