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Sony TGS presser confirmed for Wednesday – details

Sony's confirmed that it'll hold its Tokyo Game Show press conference this Wednesday, September 14.

The press conference will come a day after Nintendo's planned 3DS event and just a day before Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida drops the show's keynote.

Yoshida's keynote is expected to announce specific details of the Japanese release of Vita this winter, as well as more details on its western launches next year.

The Sony presser will most likely be about the games, with a combo of 19 first and third-party Vita games confirmed for the entire show. Of course, PS3 will be there too.

A livestream of the press conference will also be provided for those who want to watch.

Last year's show consisted of plenty of Move, PSP and 3D content, but the show was headlined by Gran Turismo 5, Last Guardian/Team ICO Collection and the game that would become Dark Souls, Project Dark. Get caught up on last year here.

Sony typically doesn't allow western press in for its TGS presser, but Brenna Hillier will be at the Shuhei Yoshida keynote for us live.

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