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Sony puts Nasne DVR release "on hold" in Japan

PS3 DVR hardware Nasne won't released tomorrow in Japan as planned, as Sony has “suddenly put a hold on the product," Famicom Plaza has told Andriasang.

The hardware was announced in April.

Nasne was a standalone home network hub for PS3 and Vita. It was to comes with a 500Gb HD and “a digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting tuner” which would allow users to “record digital terrestrial and satellite telly through a dedicated application” on PS3.

Users were to be able to also access recorded content from Vita, Xperia and Sony tablets, as well as stream “live and recorded TV onto two supported Sony devices simultaneously.”

Nasne was to store movies, music and pictures, and additional space was optional. It was supposed to be out tomorrow for ¥16,980 yen (£133/$210). Thanks, Eurogamer.

Via MCV.

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