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Sony is looking for 'at least one' new board director - report

Sony is looking for "at least one" new board director according to a report from The New York Post, the firm is apparently approaching several of it's US-based media executives for the role.

The move continues Sony's efforts to cut costs and increase profit, a quest the firm's been on for over a year now. Just last month the firm hired Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm, to help cut $100 million in costs for the firm to return a profit.

The firm had a somewhat disappointing half-year recently, with its gaming business losing $8 million resulting in forecasts being cut by 40% for the rest of the year. The launch of PS4 is sure to help Sony's gaming sector, seeing as the new console has sold 1 million units in the US, and over 250K units in the UK since its release.

Back in May, Daniel Loeb, CEO of Third Point LLC, Sony’s largest investor, called on Sony to split its music and movie business from its electronic business in a letter he sent to CEO Kaz Hirai. Hirai has been one of the biggest proponents of keeping both under the sale umbrella.

Thanks, Polygon.

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