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Sony increased Vita production "materially since E3" for US and European launches

John Koller, SCEA's director of hardware marketing John Koller, has said demand for Vita has been “substantial” and Sony has increased production materially since E3.

Speaking with All Things Digital, Koller said initially, Vita was expected to come out before Christmas this year, but the firm delayed its US and European release to make sure there was enough product on the shelves at launch.

"We learned our lesson to make sure you have enough product,” he said, citing that 60% of current PSP owners plan to upgrade to Vita within the next 18 months. According to Sony's figures, 63% of consoles owners plan on purchasing Vita as well.

Koller also said that missing the holiday season this year won't be detrimental to the handheld's launch. He argued that PSP's March 2005 saw one million units moved in the first week of release, so missing a holiday launch will be inconsequential.

Yesterday, Sony announced a PS Vita First Edition Bundle, which if pre-ordered, will arrive in mailboxes a week before the handheld releases in stores on February 22.

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