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Sony considers reward in effort to catch PSN hackers

Sources close to Sony say the high-tech company is considering resorting to low-tech tactics, offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the PSNgate hackers.


Up to 100 million accounts have been compromised in the attacks which affected the PlayStation Network and Qriocity servers, with Sony sheepishly admitting it has no idea when the networks will be brought back online.

Allegedly, the company has been discussing the concept of a reward for a while, but has not yet reached a final decision on the matter. At this stage, the company is weighing up the pros and cons, before the issue is taken up with the senior Sony executives in Tokyo.

It may or may not ever eventuate - but the fact that the hardware giant is considering offering money emphasises how seriously it is taking the issue. No numbers have been mentioned yet, but we're guessing it wouldn't be pocket change.

CNET reports that any reward offered would be "in cooperation" with the appropriate world-wide law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. Apparently Sony is already in discussion with these agencies to try to "jar loose" any information on the identity of the attackers.

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