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Sony buying Gaikai validates cloud gaming, says OnLive

Sony's acquisition of Gaikai has brought legitimacy to cloud gaming, OnLive's UK GM Bruce Grove has said, and it "will help drive the idea further."

In an Edge interview, Grove said he believes the deal goes a long way to highlight cloud gaming as a major prospect for gaming.

"It has validated it", Grove explained, "It’s good for us, good for the market and it will help drive the idea further. And Sony’s a consumer devices company so for them it’s an opportunity across all of that hardware."

But Grove is unsure whether such a deal would be a good fit for OnLive, as he believes its service should not be limited to just one device.

"I think it kind of defeats the purpose of cloud gaming to limit [OnLive] to a subset of devices. The whole point of putting anything into the cloud is to make it available on everything."

"The whole reason I have a Dropbox account is that I want to access my files from any device", Grove continued, "It doesn’t matter whether it’s my Samsung phone or my iPad, PC or Mac. That’s the key to the idea of cloud technology."

And on the rumours that Microsoft is eyeing up an OnLive acquisition? "If that was to happen – and that’s pure speculation – that’s really up to the company involved."

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