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Sonic Unleashed delayed until 2009 in Japan, still on track in West

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Well this is strange. According to a report by Siliconera, Sonic’s latest adventure won’t be making a pit stop in Japan until spring of 2009. However, the game’s release date remains unaffected in other territories.

And that’d be fine – if not for one perplexing detail. Apparently, Sega is slowing Sonic’s Japanese release in order to improve the game’s quality. But unless Sega unleashes a patch when the blue blur finally collides with the land of the rising sun, it appears that everyone else will miss out on the game’s elongated spruce-up. After all, the game arrives next week in North America and soon after elsewhere.

We just wonder what kind of “improvements” Sega feels shouldn’t migrate out of Japan. The eyes, maybe? Or other, er, regions?

By Nathan Grayson

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