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Snow, Vivi, Aerith and more confirmed for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

A number of favourite characters have been revealed for Square Enix's upcoming RPG rhythm hybrid, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Andriasang's translation of a report from the latest issue of Jump reveals the following "sub-characters", which apparently means optional, unlockable party members:

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Snow
  • Final Fantasy XI: Prishe
  • Final Fantasy IX: Vivi
  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith
  • Final Fantasy V: Faris
  • Final Fantasy III: Cid
  • Final Fantasy I: Princess Sara

Summon monsters will also be featured.

The new characters come in addition to a wide cast drawn from the series' long history, including Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning, Final Fantasy VIII's Squall, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Final Fantasy V's Bartz, Final Fantasy III's Onion Knight, and the original Final Fantasy's Warrior of Light.

No release date has been set for Theatrhythm, which looks like a standard RPG until battle is joined. Combat plays out through a rhythm action game set to music from the whole franchise.

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