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Slender: The Arrival draws on Marble Hornets canon, Oculus Rift compatible

Following a teasing announce last week, Slender: The Arrival's Steam release has been officially announced with details of the new content and features coming later this month.

Described as "the only official Slender Man game" - a controversial claim given the creepypasta's origin, but now legally backed up - The Arrival was written by the team behind ongoing web project Marble Hornets, one of the key pieces of media in the growing Slender canon. Players are cast in the role of realtor Laura, whose attempt to help sell her friend's house takes a darker turn when Kate goes missing. This quite naturally rapidly devolves into dashing about with a camcorder, uncovering notes and clues.

The Arrival is an expanded re-release of Slender: The Eight Pages which is Oculus Rift compatible and offers "a new character to contend with".

It's being published for PC by Midnight City, a new indie label from Majesco, on October 28, and will go for $10. A console release is expected in early 2014.

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