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Skyrim Snow Elf DLC rumour downplayed by Bethesda employee

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is to receive two more expansion packs from Bethesda - including one that focuses on the long-lost Snow Elf race - according to a Reddit poster claiming to be a source close to the studio. However, an actual Bethesda employee has called their report a mixture of "Half-truths and falsehoods". Who's telling the truth here? Decide for yourself below.

The butting of heads comes as an alleged source close to Bethesda posted a detailed report on Reddit regarding the studio's activity, including its stance on PS3 DLC and development of two more expansions, the next is said to focus on the Snow Elf race.

According to the source, Bethesda is well aware of PS3 owner's upset over the lack of Dawnguard DLC, and assures gamers that steps are being taken to remedy the lack of content.

"Nothing is weighing down more heavily on their morale than the PS3 DLC issue," the source claimed, "They aren't being bribed by Microsoft, and they are just simply thumbing their noses at PS3 users - they genuinely want to get the product out there and have simply been met with problem after problem. It isn't just one thing, it's a large number of issues that have acted as roadblocks to them releasing content on the PS3.

"Once PS3 content is fixed and working (which is all but there), expect not just to see paid DLC but a few unpaid content enhancement packs (think along the same vein as mounted combat).

"A few specific things that were mentioned is a few follower enhancements, including a vendor that sells special gear for your followers, and a special April 1 content update that reaches back to one of their previous games and proves that they aren't above making fun of themselves."

Elsewhere, the source claimed that spears are coming and will receive their own skill tree, "Spears are coming. Something that frustrates him is that players datamined info about the Riekling spear attack and assumed spears were coming in Dragonborn, and the outcry of some in the community was predicted by him when we talked last week. Here's the thing - spears can't be added yet.

"At least not in the way they want to, which is to add an entirely new perk tree. Adding a perk tree means screwing over people with level 81 characters. So, they added the skill reset function in Dragonborn so that they can add spears in their next big DLC (Spears will make more sense in the context of that DLC anyway)."

Speaking of DLC, the source claimed that two more expansions are on their way, and that they will be as big as the Dragonborn pack that released this week, "There are 2 more paid DLC expansions planned - both of them true expansions like Dragonborn (one is a bit smaller, one is larger).

"Without giving a lot away, the next DLC will explore the beginnings of the Nords and Skyrim's culture, as well as the Snow Elves and yes, even the Dwarves. The last DLC will involve the choosing of a new King of Skyrim and the war against the elves."

The report also makes mention of Werebears, and other supposed content incoming.

However, Bethesda programmer Ricardo Gonzalez posted a rebuttal to the alleged source's claims, "Bethesda dev here. This is a mixture of half-truths gleaned from interviews and outright falsehoods. Best to just move on.

"We're all excited for more news out of Skyrim, but let's not take advantage of the community's fervor to peddle silliness. Thanks, and have a good day."

"Half-truths" doesn't entirely mean the source's claims were wrong people. What do you think?

Thanks OXM.

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