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Skullgirls Encore to include Typing of the Skullgirls feature

Skullgirls Encore isn't just an amicable legal sidestep of dissolved publisher relations; it'll have new content, too, including one quite odd new feature.

Destructoid reports design director Mike "Z" Zaimont revealed a new addition during a Twitch stream this weekend.

The new feature, dubbed Typing of the Skullgirls, combines the fighter with a typing trainer, like Sega's Typing of the Dead series, which has recently regained popularity. It will be available in Story, Arcade and Versus modes, including during online multiplayer and tournaments.

Play proceeds as normal, but the super move bar fills automatically. To pull off the super, players type in phrases when prompted; the faster and more accurately you manage it, the more attack power you'll have. When the AI attempts to pull a super, players are given the chance to minimise damage in the same way.

Interestingly, the mode is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, as well as PC; time to drag out your spare USB keyboard, then.

Skullgirls Encore launches in early 2014.

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