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What does the "7780s" in P.T. mean? Kojima explains

Silent Hills demo P.T. contains several mysterious references, but Hideo Kojima has kindly explained at least one of them.


Silent Hills was announced at the very end of the P.T. demo, but it looks like Kojima seeded a few clues throughout the body of the game, too.

In a Japanese language Konami video, Kojima explained that the sequence "7780s" that appears during P.T. is a clever way of saying the title Silent Hills.

7780 is the postcode of Shizuoka, Kojima said, which as well as being a real region of Japan is a sort of nickname Japanese gamers have for Silent Hills probably because it sounds a little like "shizuka", the word for quiet or calm because it is a literal translation of the phrase "Silent Hill(s)".

Update: We've since heard that 7780 is not the postcode of Shizuoka but its area measured in metres squared, which is much trickier.

So "7780s" equates to "Shizoka s" - Silent Hills.

This is probably not the only hint the demo will resolve the way it does that you might encounter along the way . I wonder if Kojima meant for P.T. to be solved as rapidly as it was, or if he expected fans to be picking apart these tiny clues for days before someone reached the ending?

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