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Shooting E3 2014: photos from the show floor

We took photos of E3 2014 being set up and got shouted at by security guards. Have a look and get hyped.

E3 is great but there are these rules that you have to follow and it's a pain in the ass sometimes. As the show isn't open yet security don't let you take photos inside the venue, even though banners and art is already in place and as press you're required to go inside to pick up your badge.

If you give the press access to the lobbies they're going to take photographs of anything they can. That's what they do - snap pictures and put them on the internet.


The West Hall is swamped by Sony. There's no Microsoft-sized equivalent on the outside of the L.A. Convention Center building.


Elite: Dangerous. This is where your Kickstarter money is going (or the money from that $150 beta).


What's in the Payday 2 boxes? Scary clown masks? High-powered assault rifles?


These Lords of the Fallen window banners look cool when the L.A. sun shines through them, giving them a stained-glass window effect.


Batman: Arkham Knight is everywhere you look. Inside and outside the convention centre, WB has spent some serious cash.


There's loads of Mortal Kombat X banners too but only with this fairly basic Scorpion art.


It took us a while to remember what this even is. We suspect this won't be winning much in the Game of the Show awards.


A security guard tried to make me delete this photo of an inflatable thing for Sunset: Overdrive like I was breaking an actual law or something. I didn't, because I'm a REBEL.

On to the next page for more photographic anarchy...


At this point security were shouting at a lot of people to stop taking photos but they were too late, the situation had descended into ANARCHY and we we're pointing the camera at banners we didn't even care about.


I think I was just blindly shooting at anything now and shouting "f**k you I won't do what you tell me!" as if Gauntlet matters.


Assassin's Creed: Lord of the Rings Edition and Not Resident Evil are getting some decent exposure.


Nvidia. Advertising a game that's already out. Well done. It does look cool though.


The Witcher 3 is probably going to be one of the Games of the Show. We'd put money on it.


This Assassin's Creed Unity banner is MASSIVE but you can't see it very clearly from the street because it sits behind a row of bushy trees. I'd imagine someone at Ubisoft feels a little short-changed.


I went to see [REDACTED] and I can't tell you about it yet but this is the view from the hotel window before we pulled the curtains and watched [REDACTED] in all its glory.

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