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This Shenmue fan remade a bunch of the game in HD, and it's beautiful

'Shenmue HD' the fans whisper, crouched and rocking in the corner, their Dreamcast tattoos bleeding into an inky smudge over their hearts. It doesn't look like these fans will ever get what they want, but a Korean fan has now given them a taste of what they're missing. Check out these screenshots of what a Shenmue HD remaster would look like.

Nokon Kid took it upon himself to remake some of Shenmue's locals in high definition, and as you can see the results are somewhat glorious. He's replaced all of the Dreamcast-era models and textures with shiny new HD ones, breathing new life in well-loved settings such as the flower shop and the arcade.

It's unlikely that Sega will ever release a Shenmue HD remaster, so this might just be the closest we ever get.

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