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Scottish Games Network launches as Scotland's games industry body

Scottish Games Network has launched today as the nation's official games industry body. It has gone from a small Yahoo group to the voice of Scotland's industry in a matter of years. Get the details here.

A press release posted on the Scottish Games Network website this morning reads, "The Scottish Games Network is open to every company and organisation involved in the video games and interactive industries. Not simply developers, but technology companies, animation specialists, audio companies, publishers, retailers, media, freelance staff, contractors, academic institutions and the government.

"The organisation pro-actively identifies new projects and opportunities to enable the games sector to grow, evolve and prosper, moving beyond advocacy and representation to pull together the individuals, companies and organisations across the country, providing strategic insight, research, create new opportunities and organise incredibly cool events."

It's the brainchild of former DMA Design member Brian Baglow, who has served as a prominent figure in the Scottish video game industry for many years. The industry body aims to raise the profile of the nation's video game industry, education, jobs, events and culture moving forward, unifying them all under one banner. It will also work with trade organisations, groups and other companies beyond Scotland's borders.

Baglow writes, "Our goal is, very simply, to help the country’s games industry grow and prosper. We will be working with government, the public sector and other trade bodies to provide data, expertise and insight into the games industry, as well as helping the industry open itself up to the wider creative world, fostering new partnerships, collaboration, diversity, funding; and encouraging entirely new experiences."

Scotland recently created a little game called GTA 5 - you may have heard of it - but also has a booming mobile, social and educational games sector that is both highly successful and lucrative. Companies across the country are keen to highlight that the nation isn't just Rockstar North, but a collective of innovation, artistry and prosperity.

We'll be featuring updates from Scottish Games Network as part of our regular coverage moving forward. Stay tuned for more.

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