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SCEE Home promises to catch up to other regions


EU PlayStation Home community manager, TedTheDog, has admitted that the game space lacks the content offered elsewhere, but promises it will get more soon.

"Let's be honest, SCEE Home is behind the other regions in the number of spaces we have to offer," he said on the official forums. "That's not to say we don't have some really good clothing and furniture, we've actually got some excellent partners in the shopping centre.

"In isolation we don't think this makes SCEE Home a bad place but we fully understand the regional comparisons and why they're made.

"In the spirit of openness being requested of us, and that we've committed to, we're going to say what we're going to do about this and in short, we're going to switch our priorities to the production of spaces for the foreseeable future. We will continue to support our partners in the shopping centre but our primary focus will be to improve our output and range of spaces."

He explained that Europe's version of Home fell behind due to lack of staff resources, but more content's on the way thanks to a new hire.

"The timeline for this is probably about the next two to four months and there is likely to be a drop in output before it starts to really pick up and improve," he said.

SCEE plans to introduce 17 new Home spaces along with the Uncharted, Warhawk and Resident Evil 5 themes already present in other regions.

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