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Scavengers: 10 Essential tips to get started in this free-to-play strategic shooter

Keep Warm, Explorers.

Scavengers is a unique and action-packed shooter which blends elements of sandbox PvE, survival games and class-based PvP.

It’s available to play now for free in Early Access, with developers currently working with the game’s community to implement regular improvements. Each match takes place on a frozen wasteland, decimated after an asteroid hits Earth’s moon and causes a perpetual Winter to take hold.

You’ll need to survive against deadly enemies, infected wildlife, other players and the storms that envelop the map. You’re certainly going to need all the help you can get to survive in Scavengers, which is why we’ve put together 10 essential tips to get started.

We’ll cover everything from choosing your Explorer to making sure you extract successfully at the end of each match. Let’s get started.

Player vs Player vs Environment

Scavengers offers the unique challenge of PvP gameplay mixed with PvE sandbox elements. You’ll be facing down other players, sure, but it’s equally as important to be wary of your surroundings.

AI enemies and vicious storms are just as likely to kill you as enemy players, so go into every match prepared to take on the elements. Be cautious when exploring, you never know when an infected bear may pounce from the shadows.

Experiment With Different Explorers

There are currently seven Explorers to try out in Scavengers.

Each features a unique weapon and set of skills, allowing for different play styles. It’s best to spend some time with each one, whether it’s the stealth-focused Kali, or Letty the gadgets expert. You can head here to check out the Survival Specialists before jumping in.

Stay Focused On the Mission

While taking out enemy teams is a great way to get ahead, you’ll need to stay focused on extracting with the most data points at the end of a match.

AI encampments are filled with resources, so are great for stocking up and improving your chances. Chasing down enemies will cost valuable ammo and resources, so think twice before changing tactics.

Be Prepared For Any Enemy

The world of Scavengers is filled with dangerous enemies, with each type presenting a unique challenge.

Scourge will swarm you, so melee weapons and traps can be extremely effective in thinning their numbers. Outlanders on the other hand are well-armed and will fight back more tactically, requiring you to adapt and react to their movements.

Just because you’re not in an AI camp doesn’t mean you’re safe. There’s still rapid wildlife to contend with including bears and wolves.

Back In Action

Every Explorer starts the match with one additional life, which will bring them back one minute after being killed.

There’s even ways to get additional lives beyond that, by uploading data at Data Uplinks. If your team uploads enough data, everyone will gain an extra life. Players that are spectating after being eliminated will be brought back in, getting your squad back into fighting shape.

This is currently the only way to bring back eliminated players, so consider this as a last resort to get your team back in the game. You’ll need to upload 250 data if you’re a team of three, and 125 data for teams of two. Upload increasing amounts of data to gain additional lives on top of that.

This is a great way to gain the advantage over remaining enemy teams.

Weather the Storm

Once a storm hits the map in Scavengers you’ll need to switch into survival mode. Keeping warm and making sure your stamina stays up is key, so light a fire and eat whatever food you’ve managed to pick up.

Hunting is a great way to ensure you have resources for an incoming storm, so make sure to stay prepared.

Be careful when doing this however, as gunshots can alert enemy players to your location.

Once you’ve gotten to grips with Scavengers you can start using storms to your advantage. Use them for cover and ambush enemies, or redirect foes into skirmishes with AI enemies.

Have an Escape Plan

It’s important to have an escape plan when the extraction ship turns up in Scavengers.

All remaining players will be rushing to get their hard earned resources back to base. You can rush in and hold the ship, making sure you have control of the area. Set traps, hunker down and wait for enemies to arrive. Sneaking in at the last minute is also a viable strategy, allowing you to avoid firefights and stay alive.

Think carefully about how you approach each extraction and get as much back to base as possible.

Learn the Map

Each match takes place in Cascade Springs, with AI Camps located mostly in fixed locations.

Learning the map as you play will give you a huge edge over the competition. Know where the best areas to loot are, and note which enemy types show up in camps. Knowing exits and flanking positions will help too, as will finding vehicles and points where you can upload your data.

Bring the Right Tools

Taking the time to consider your loadout before a match is a great way to make sure you’re prepared for everything Scavengers might throw at you.

Each Explorer has a unique weapon, so choose one that fits your play style. Wildcard weapons can be added to any loadout, no matter which Explorer you’re using. Add grenade launchers and other powerful weapons to your arsenal to give you a tactical advantage over your foes. Use the data and research you’ve earned by playing to unlock new research recipes and Talents.

You’ll have plenty of options when building a loadout, so take the time to try out new combinations and builds. There’s no guarantee you’ll have your custom weapons when starting out in the match, but you will have strategic options to spend your scrap on.

Salvage Items

Every match you play in Scavengers is an opportunity to bring back valuable resources that can give you an edge next time you deploy.

You can bring back one Salvage Item per game, which grants you unique materials. Take these resources and materials and research new loadout recipes. With more time spent playing, you’ll slowly gain access to more and more loadout options, allowing you to customise your character further.

Treat every match as an opportunity to progress, and make sure to extract and Salvage Items you find.

That’s 10 great tips to get you started in Scavengers. You can check out the game now for free on Epic Games Store and Steam via Early Access. Head to to get into the game and start earning resources and building your loadouts. Scavengers will also release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in the future (with aims to launch in late 2021 currently), so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for more info as it comes.