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Sand Land, Akira Toriyama's next foray into video games, is out this Spring

It'll arrive around the same time as the series' anime adaptation.

Beelzebub and Rao in a buggy in Sand Land.
Image credit: Bandi Namco

If you've been craving something new from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, you'll be happy to hear the game adaptation of his lesser known Sand Land is out this April.

As much as Toriyama is known for his seminal manga works like Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump, he's also had his hands in the world of video games, with equally iconic titles such as Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. While those two might just be based on his art style, Sand Land, a manga of Toriyama's even the biggest Dragon Ball fans might not have read, is the next title to be getting the video game treatment. And as announced in a new trailer, you'll finally be able to play on April 26, just a few months away now.

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The latest trailer showed off plenty of new gameplay, offering a good look at the vehicular combat that will be central to the overall experience. If you didn't know, the original manga saw protagonist Beelzebub, the little pink demon, and co driving around a barren world in a tank. Unsurprisingly, the tank is the main way you'll get around in Sand Land, but it looks like you'll be able to customise it; there's a simple hovercar which looks good for getting around, and the hovertank looks to move similarly, just with better firepower.

As detailed over on the PlayStation Blog, you can also equip "special Option weapons," such as the Neutron Cannon which looks like a massive, powerful beam of light, or you can use the Auto Combat Drone for a bit of extra support that you don't have to worry about. You'll be able to customise your vehicles with skins and decals too, and the release date trailer notes that you'll get the Survivalist Camo Pack as a preorder bonus too.

Sand Land also received an anime adaptation in Japan last year, released as a CG film, but is also being released this spring as a series with new scenes on Disney+, so look forward to plenty of Sand Land in the coming months.

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