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Saints Row and Dead Island feature in Deep Silver's new Humble Bundle

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle 2 has plenty to keep you busy over the upcoming release drought.


Saints Row and Dead Island feature in Deep Silver's new Humble Bundle

This week's new Humble Bundle is pretty chockers.

Pay what you want over $1 for Sacred 3 Gold, Risen, Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition, Saints Row 2, Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and a coupon for 10% off one month of Humble Monthly for new subscribers

Pay more than the average price (a measly $3.57 at time of writing) to also receive Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition, Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition, Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package and a coupon for 75% off Dead Island Definitive Collection in the Humble Store.

Pony up a handsome $13 or more to also receive Saints Row 4 and Risen 3 Titan Lords.

All games require Steam, but there are a few Linux and Mac ports available. As ever, you choose how your payment is split between organisers, publisher and charity. Deep Silver has nominated Lions International and GameChanger, but you can choose you own favourite cause.

This is one I'd grab myself if I didn't already own Dead Island and Saints Row. I really like the Saints Row series, and the fourth one is especially good; if you liked gadding about in Crackdown or Infamous: Last Light, you'll enjoy the superhero powers. Very few open world games manage to pack such joy into traversal, and in my opinion it is only bettered by Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, where you can fly around on demonic wings.

Oh right, link: go forth and take advantage.

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