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Saints Row 4 anime costume pack hits Steam, is nuts

Saints Row 4 developer Volition Inc has released the game's anime costume pack on Steam, and it's pretty bonkers.

The pack's blurb is as mad as the content. It reads, "Finally, the fantasy of Eastern cultural happiness can be yours! Get hair defying the elements of winds! Slice many of the people of bad with Braver Sword! Kaiju-XL makes little of foes with speed and curiosity! Also dress up clothing changes any Street of 3 Holy Man a beholding wonder!"

As you can see from the pack's Steam hub, players will be given two new outfits, a weapon that looks suspiciously like Cloud's Buster Sword and a Kaiju-XL rifle. It'll run you £1.49.

We've got screens below.

What do you make of the pack?

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