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Saber Interactive announces co-op shooter, God Mode

God Mode is the latest shooter from Saber Interactive, the studio behind Inversion.

The third-person shooter is a humourous affair and will release via digital distribution for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to IGN. Atlus will publish the game in the US.

God Mode supports up to four players in co-op, and casts players as descendants of an ancient god, who was cursed to become a human by Hades, the Greek god of the underworld.

Characters are customisable, weapons are upgradeable, and environments are destructible. The development team hopes to keep the action arcade-like and the tone breezy.

"The first thing we do is tell you how you died. We have come up with some pretty fun ideas for that and they definitely add some lightheartedness to the game," studio head Matthew Karch said.

The official developer is actually Old School Games, an internal off-shoot off Saber dedicated to downloadable titles. Saber Interactive also assisted with Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary, as well as developing Battle: Los Angeles, 2007's Timeshift, and 2003's Will Rock.

A trailer and screens for God Mode are available through the link above.

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