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Europe will finally be able to play Rune Factory 4 once it passes certification

It appears Rune Factory 4 will be released in Europe after all, once the localization passes muster with Nintendo of Europe's submission process.


The listed recently by on Germany’s videogame rating board, USK, and to confirm the rating wasn't in error, Siliconera got in touch with Xseed’s executive VP, Ken Berry who confirmed the game was being localized for release on the Nintendo eShop.

Back in November 2013, the game's developer Neverland filed for bankruptcy and halted all of its current projects after a funding drive to save the company failed.

Xseed picked up many Neverland staffers after the closure, and put them to work at Marvelous to continue work started on Forbidden Magna.

The original programmer for Rune Factory 4 wasn't part of the team hired, which resulted in the game being cancelled in Europe.

Xseed, however, didn't want to disappoint European fans of the series, so it put the PAL localization in the hands of an undisclosed development house.

“The situation is that we know the Rune Factory 4 fans in Europe have suffered enough with one cancellation already,” Berry told Siliconera.

"We didn’t want to announce anything until the game passed certification and we were sure its digital-only eShop release was imminent since we are using a different programming house to try to pick up where the original dev team left off.

“Though I can’t disclose which development house is handling the PAL localization programming duties for us, I can say that it’s been in the works for months already and we hope to start the master submission process with NoE within the next couple weeks."

Rune Factory 4 was released at in Japan during the summer of 2012 and released in North America on October 1, 2013.

Upon release in Europe, it will be an eShop only title for 3DS.

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