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Rumour: Rare working on Natal fitness game


[gulls, waves, people talking]


[long pause. car driving past]

“Look, I’m sorry.”
“There’s no need.”
“I think there is.”
“It’s not easy for me to apologise, you know. I’m not the type. You could at least have the grace to accept.”
“All right. Just forget about it. I know you were upset.”

[metal cigarette lighter followed by deep breaths and 48 seconds of silence]

“How are you, anyway?”
“I’m fine. Look, what do you have? I need to get back.”
“Of course. I’m sorry.”
“There’s no need to be sorry, really. Everything’s fine.”
“Are we going to see each other again? I need to know.”
“I’m not sure. I think so.”

[long pause, inaudible mumbling]

“I want to.”
“I want to too.”
“Yeah. I was told this a while back, but it’s firmed up in the past week.”
“You know Rare?”
“Yes, I know Rare. Come on.”
“I’m sorry.”
“OK. Rare’s been turned over pretty much entirely to Natal, right?”
“I didn’t know that.”
“Well, it’s true.”
“What are they doing?”
“I don’t know exactly.”
“This is great.”
“Hang on.”
“All right.”
“I don’t know the name of the main game, but I do know what it is.”
“I’m all ears.”
“It’s a fitness game for Natal. Like Microsoft’s version of Wii Fit.”
“You’re sure.”
“Sure I’m sure. They've been working on it for a good while. There’s something else there you can probably guess at, but we’ll save that for another day. Don’t want you dumping me, do we?”
“I’ll ask Microsoft.”
“I already did. No comment.”
"A launch thing?"
"I don't know, but you'd think."


“Well, that’s good. Here.”
“Come on. I’ll buy you an ice cream.”
“I’d like that.”

[footfalls, increased sound of waves. talking with ice cream-seller. both have "99’s" with strawberry sauce.]

“I went to the doctor today.”

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