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Rumour - PopCap to be acquired for $1 billion by EA

Rumours suggest casual games king PopCap may be about to be taken over by EA, despite a new employee saying it's just sound and fury.

Techcrunch is citing multiple sources on the subject of the publisher's acquisition, nominating $1 billion as the asking price.

Jennifer Kye, who claims to be a new employee of PopCap's beginning next week, has said on Twitter that the rumour is false, and that she was told so by her boss.

TC has since followed up with a new story, however, saying that its entered into "late stage acquisition discussions" with EA. Its quoting the earlier $1 billion as the pricetag.

PopCap does not comment on rumour and speculation, is the official word.

The company was also rumoured to be considering going public earlier this year, and raised $22.5 million in late 2009.

PopCap is said to bring in $100-150 million in revenue each year. It's best-known games include Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled, and Peggle.

[Story by Brenna Hillier, contribution by Johnny Cullen]

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