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Rumour: Next Xbox to get E3 2013 unveil, PS4 games already in works

Develop's rumoured today that Microsoft's planning an E3 unveil and launch of the next Xbox in 2013, and that first-party Sony studios have started "preliminary" work on PlayStation 4 titles.

The site's rumouring an E3 2013 unveil based on sources ranging from "processor chip manufacturers to middleware firms," with a launch to come months afterwards, most likely the holiday period.

Microsoft launched Xbox 360 in December 2005, seven months after the console's initial MTV launch special and subsequent E3 press conference.

Develop also claimed today that Lionhead is working on a new Fable installment as a launch title, something which was recently rumoured by Xbox World 360. The mag also said a "mature" launch game was in the works from Rare.

Four CVs from Microsoft employees recently pointed to work on the next Xbox hardware.

Turn 10, Remedy, Volition, Crytek and EA have all also been rumoured to be in possession of dev kits for the new console.

EA denied the first claim back in May, but Develop is still insisting that the publisher "has rudimentary Xbox console technology on desks."

It also says it's likely the next Unreal Engine will come about earlier than the 2014 timeline given by Epic's Tim Sweeney at the end of September.

Develop's also said that "various game projects" for PlayStation 4 are underway at several SCE WorldWide Studios.

Developers working on the games weren't disclosed, however.

The main focus for the next few years, however, will be on PS3, Move and Vita for Sony, according to the site, with many in the industry not expecting a new PlayStation until 2014 at least.

Sony's refused to comment. The company admitted in May, despite a previous denial from SCE chairman Kaz Hirai from February, it had begun work on a "next platform," but little else was said.

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