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Rumor - Hacker claims credit card information sent to Sony through PSN is unencrypted

A person claiming to have hacked into PlayStation Network has claimed that not only is credit card information sent to Sony through the system via an unencrypted text file, but the company can also keep track of all your actions on the system and keeps a record of it.

According to the post over on ArsTechnica, the hacker claims "all connected devices return values sent to Sony's servers," meaning it knows what controllers you have used to what USB devices have been plugged into it.

The hacker also claimed that all credit card information is sent to Sony via an unencrypted text file, meaning there is the potential for thieves to steal such valuable information.

Per the report, all information is stored online with Sony and updated every time a user turns on the system, with various sources claiming e-mails have even been sent to them by Sony, notifying them of their system being hacked before even logging into PSN.

You can read the full thing through the link, which also shows the different code files.

Thanks, Evil Avatar.

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