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Ruffian: "A number" of projects sign to "biggest publishers"

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games is hiring for "a number of as yet unannounced projects with some of the biggest publishers in the games industry."

The Dundee-based studio doesn't mention which publishers will play a part in its future.

The news comes from an ad for an environment artist post. You can get details on how to apply on the studio's website.

Ruffian creative director Billy Thomson told VG247 in 2009 that "Crackdown 3" would feature different gameplay to the second title, but official confirmation of another installment in the series never arrived.

It's worth noting that Ruffian's Flickr has included steampunk renders as of August, as spotted by regular Colin Gallacher.

Ruffian, which opened for business in early 2009, released Crackdown 2 in summer 2010 with Microsoft.

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