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Rock Band songs downloaded 130 million times, Led Zeppelin proof of concept shown at PAX

During a PAX East panel yesterday, Harmonix revealed that Rock Band users have downloaded 130 million songs for their living room gigs, a figure which is up from 100 million in 2011.

The firm also showed a proof-of-concept video for Rock Band: Led Zeppelin, which breaks my heart a bit and I'm not ashamed to admit it either.

Other shots and videos of Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam were also shown, and as you know the later was in the works as far back as 2009 before being canceled. The Pink Floyd image was and "experimental" concept piece featuring imagery from The Wall.

While no formal agreement was ever inked between the developers Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and neither project entered development, for fans of the game it's just a glimmer of what could have been had management behind both bands given the "o.k."

"The images referenced were created by Harmonix as proposals for potential titles about those artists," a Harmonix representative told Gamespot. "No partnership with Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin was ever formalized, and those two titles were never in actual development."

Rock Band DLC will cease come April 2 with Don McLean's "American Pie" the final download.

There are 4,254 songs available in the game's library from 1,657 bands.

Hit up the Gamespot link for more.

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