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Rock Band 3 DLC to cease in April

Rock Band DLC updates will end this April, heralding the franchise's relegation to history as Harmonix moves on to new projects.

In a post on the Rock Band forums, the developer confirmed the last Rock Band content drop is due on April 2. Harmonix has extended a massive sale on DLC to mark the somewhat historic occasion.

Since launching the Rock Band Store in 2007, Harmonix has delivered more than 4,000 in an unbroken stream of 275 consecutive weekly updates. The DLC milestone is all the more impressive given Harmonix's troubled history over the last few years; following the release of Rock Band 3, it was dumped by owner MTV when Viacom chose to shutter its subsidiary's gaming operations. It managed to buy itself, going independent, and continued releasing DLC, business as usual.

Harmonix acknowledged a recent slow-down in DLC production, saying resources have been gradually siphoned off to "several new titles in development".

Harmonix was the original developer of Guitar Hero and after parting ways with Activision introduced the band genre with the Rock Band franchise; as well as the three numbered core entries, there's a downloadable title called Rock Band Blitz which is played with a control pad, and which is cross-buy compatible with Rock Band 3 DLC.

It went on to notable success with the Dance Central series for Kinect, and is now rumoured to have a narrative-driven combat title in the works called Chroma among other projects.

Thanks, IGN.

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