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Robobmodo: Tony Hawk: Ride peripheral is so advanced it's worth the higher price


Robobmodo's Josh Tsui has said that the new peripheral for Tony Hawk: Ride will up the ante in the game peripheral market.

Speaking with, Tsui told the site that the final design of the skateboard peripheral will be consumer friendly with a white finish and will be worth the higher price compared to standard software.

"It's a very enhanced piece of machinery," he said. "This is the most advanced peripheral on the market. It really is going to usher a next generation of controllers for games.

"The other thing is that this is an advanced piece of software and hardware put together – this is a full package – and when people see how tightly integrated it is, what a great experience it is, people will pay the right price for it."

Tsui said that Activision plans to use the board for multiple new titles, and not just for sports.

More through the link.

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