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Riktor is the next Paragon Hero to join the ranks

Epic Games has introduced the latest Hero who will be joining its MOBA Paragon.

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Riktor is the next Paragon hero to enter the arena

His name is Riktor and he's a cyborg with rather long reach. He is a melee tank which means he is rather apt when it comes to crowd control.

He is able to lock down targets, pacify enemies, and uses the Riplash ability to reach out and touch other Heroes. Only instead of a handshake, they are met with an electric chain which pulls them or minions in, all the while dealing damage.

Riktor also makes use of Shock Therapy, which disrupts enemies by silencing them. He also uses the Skewer Ultimate which consists of a web of chains which damage and stun everyone in his path.

Like other Heroes in Paragon, Riktor will be free and Early Access players can try him out now. Other players can grab him on May 31.

And don't forget: the open beta weekend kicks off today and runs through Monday, May 30 on PC and PlayStation 4.

The registration deadline was yesterday, May 25, so hopefully you tossed your name into the hat.


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