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Ridge Racer soundtrack features Skrillrex, Crystal Method, more

Namco Bandai has revealed some of the licensed tracks included in the upcoming Ridge Racer Unbounded.

The Crystal Method, Noisia & The Upbeats, Scratch Perverts, Unknown Error, OVERSEER, RuN RiOT and Ever Never will all feature on the game's soundtrack.

Dubstepper Skrillrex will contribute Kill Everybody and Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.

Additionally, a number of Hiroshi Okubo tracks from the franchise's history will be included, along with a number of brand new offerings specifically for Unbounded.

Bugebear's free-roaming racer has been delayed in the US, apparently to pack in extra content - although there's now word on what this means for the unaffected UK release. The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title launches in late March in the UK.

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