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Rezzed 2013: full developer schedule announced

Rezzed 2013 is the PC and indie games expo hosted by Gamer Network. The event's full developer schedule has been announced, feature appearances from Chris Avellone and DayZ creator Dean Hall, as well as game showcases featuring Hotline Miami 2, Dreamfall: Chapters, Total War: Rome 2 and Project Eternity.

The event takes place at The NEC in Birmingham, 22-23 June. You can buy tickets and check out a long list of playable games at the show here.

Saturday 22nd June

  • 12pm - Panel: How can new business models improve PC gaming? (John Walker hosts Mark Morris, Chris Delay, Paul Taylor, Chris Avellone and Ragnar Tornquist)
  • 1pm - Prison Architect (Introversion's Chris Delay and Mark Morris)
  • 2pm - A look back at Frozen Synapse and a look forward to Frozen Endzone (Mode 7's Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham)
  • 3pm - Dreamfall Chapters (Red Thread Games' Ragnar Tornquist, Martin Bruusgaard and Dag Scheve)
  • 4pm - Project Eternity (Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone)
  • 5pm - Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Big Robot's Tom Betts)

Sunday 23rd June

  • 12pm - Panel: Is storytelling in games getting any better? (John Walker hosts Dean Hall, Chris Avellone, Ragnar Tornquist, Ed Stern and Will Porter)
  • 1pm - Hotline Miami 2 vs. Luftrausers (Dennaton's Dennis Wedin and Vlambeer's Rami Ismail)
  • 2pm - Total War: ROME II (The Creative Assembly)
  • 3pm - WildStar (Carbine Studios)
  • 4pm - The Creative Assembly Game Jam (Five teams present games made in a day to an expert panel made up of Chris Avellone, Ed Stern and Keith Stuart)
  • 5pm - DayZ Standalone (Bohemia Interactive's Dean Hall)

Wildstar publisher NC Soft is also making its next MMO playable on the Rezzed show floor for the first time.

What do you think of the events above? Are you going to the show? Let us know below.

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