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Resident Evil 2 Chess Puzzle Walkthrough - How to Find the Sewer Chess Plug Locations, Solve the Sewer Chess Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

Here's our complete Resident Evil 2 walkthrough, taking you through the campaign as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield.

Near the conclusion of the sewer segment of Resident Evil 2, both Leon and Claire will be tasked with finding and obtaining six unique chess pieces, in order to complete one difficult puzzle. In this Resident Evil 2 chess puzzle guide, we'll be walking you through to the final Resident Evil 2 chess puzzle solution, as well as highlighting all the various Resident Evil 2 chess plug locations for you to track down.

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In this guide, you'll be able to find the locations of all six chess pieces for the Resident Evil 2 chess puzzle, as well as the final solution of the order in which you should place the plugs into their sockets.

Resident Evil 2 Chess Puzzle Piece Walkthrough

There are two campaigns in Resident Evil 2, one for Claire Redfield and another for Leon Kennedy, but both will be faced with this situation in the sewers. For Claire, it’s about getting through to rescue Sherry, and for Leon he needs to get through this section to rescue Ada Wong.

Starting from the cutscene where Claire sees Sherry/Leon sees a wounded Ada, turn to your right. Follow the corridor round, and you’ll see three plug sockets each on the walls to your left and right. Collect the Pawn and Bishop plugs on your right, and the Knight plug on your left.

The lever that lowers the bridge. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Now turn around, and go back to where you came from, taking the door straight ahead of you. Interact with the lever next to the glowing red light in the next area, causing the bridge in the middle of the area to descend, giving Claire/Leon a nice new pathway over the sewage.

Turn left once you’re over the bridge, and follow the path round, until you can collect the T bar item next to the Umbrella cable car. Now head back past the bridge on your right, and take the door with the red ‘exit’ sign above it on your left. Follow the stairs down, and kill the two zombies waiting for you at the bottom.

Turn right, grab the green herb, and pull the lever on the wall to open the sewage gate to the left. Jump down into the water, turn right, and then turn right again, so you can proceed forward to the Lower Waterway area, that you previously came through in the sewers.

The button to raise the sewer gate. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

The New Sludge Monsters

Now you’re going to meet a brand new type of enemy. The sludge monsters have one giant arm that spits out smaller creatures that hone in on you if you stay too far away. Try to destroy the hulking shell to the right of its arm, and a giant eye will be revealed. Repeatedly shoot the eye with whatever means necessary, and the monster will go down. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of these sludge monsters.

Press forward a little bit, and you can hop up on a ledge to your right. Here you can interact with the T bar handle slot, to insert the T bar that you picked up earlier in this walkthrough. Press past the now-open gate, and you can take an elevator up to a small room, where there’s one live zombie lying on the floor, but also pistol ammo, roll film, and a hip pouch waiting to be collected.

Use the T bar to raise the gate. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

The Rook Chess Piece Plug Location

Unlock the door ahead of you by simply interacting with it, and you’ll have to immediately kill two zombies waiting for you in the next, narrow area. Now in this next area, there’s a panel on the wall on your left, where you can retrieve the Rook plug. The pathway to your right will rise up once you’ve taken the Rook plug out of its socket, but don’t worry about this.

Continue on this path, round to the right, killing the sole zombie as you go, and ignoring the locked door on your left. Keep going, past the deceased special operative members that look like Hunk, and jump into the sewer water when you reach the end of this path.

Now turn to your left, and you’ll have to face off against another sludge monster in this tunnel. If you’ve got any flame rounds for Claire’s grenade launcher, or Magnum ammo for Leon, now would be an excellent time to put them to use. After you’ve dealt with this big bad, continue directly ahead, and you’ll eventually reach another platform on your left where you can hop up to solid ground, and use the T bar item to open up another gate.

Proceed directly ahead down the stairs ahead of you, and you’ll have reached the Bottom Waterway area, where things are about to get hairy. Collect the key that’s just above the desk, and then turn right around, taking the ladder down into the water.

The end of the bottom waterway section (thank god). | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Your goal now is to make it through this Bottom Waterway area, pressing west, and killing three total sludge monsters. There’s a whole lot of room for error here, especially on the harder difficulties in Resident Evil 2, so if you need to backtrack to the nearest item box near the origin plug sockets and pick up a few items, now would be the time to do that.

Make it to the western edge of this area, which is glowing a dull red, and hop up onto the ledge, back on solid ground. Go through the door on your left, and you’ll go up a set of stairs, to find yourself in the Supplies Storage Room.

The Queen Chess Piece Plug Location

When you reach the bottom of the stairs in the Supplies Storage Room, turn immediately to your left, and you’ll see there’s an opening in the mesh fence that Claire/Leon can walk through. Once you’ve passed through the opening, turn immediately to your left, and there’ll be a plug socket where you can retrieve the Queen plug. Five down, one to go.

Turn to your left, and head through this gap in the fence. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Taking the Queen plug out will cause the gate on your left to slam shut, but that’s alright. Now turn to your left, and proceed down the path, to where you can reinsert the Queen plug into a different socket to your left. Doing this will open up a gate next to you, so proceed through that, and you’ll have the opportunity to go up some stairs.

The King Chess Piece Plug Location

Pass through the open gate at the top of the stairs, and you can pick up the final King plug. Take the King plug out of the socket, and go to the edge of the platform on your left, looking down, and killing the zombie beneath you. Now drop down, and go to the socket that still holds the Queen plug.

How to Get the Flamethrower in Resident Evil 2

If you want to obtain the flamethrower, leave the Queen plug inserted in the socket. Head forward through the open gate, and you’ll have the opportunity to insert the King plug in a socket to your left at the end of the path. Pass through the open gate, and retrieve the flamethrower.

Trust us, you'll want this for later. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Now backtrack to the inserted Queen plug, and extract it from the socket. Take the only open pathway out of this small rectangular area, and insert the Queen plug in the socket on the left, causing the gate on your left to open.

You now need to turn left once you’re through the gate, and insert the King plug in the vacant socket ahead of you. Pass through that gate that’s just opened to the right of the socket, and go round to retrieve the Queen plug.

Backtrack to the King plug, and take it out of the socket. You’re now free to leave the Supplies Storage Room, with all six chess piece plugs. Make it back to the original area where you first received the objective to save Ada/Sherry, and then see the section below for how to correctly align the pieces.

Resident Evil 2 Chess Puzzle Solution

So, now you’re back in the area with the item box, and the six vacant plug sockets, waiting for the correct plugs to be inserted. There are actually notes on two panels indicating the correct plugs to insert, but the other are missing.

A clue to the order of the plugs. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

So to start off with, insert the Knight and Pawn plugs on the panels labelled, then follow the instructions below:

  • Insert the Rook plug in the socket left of the Knight.
  • Insert the Bishop plug to the left of the Rook plug.
  • On the opposite wall, insert the Queen plug to the left of the Pawn plug.
  • Finally, insert the King plug to the left of the Queen plug.

And with that, the door in the area will open, and Claire/Leon can continue on their way to saving Sherry/Ada!

Well, at least this one's got some directions. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

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