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Report - Vivendi may sell Acti-Blizz shares on open market

Bloomberg's reporting that Vivendi's having a hard time selling its stake in Activision. According to sources close to the matter, the companies Vivendi has had discussions with either don't have $8.1 billion lying around, or the companies with the funds to spare aren't interested. Discussions with Disney, Microsoft, Tencent, and Take Two have all taken place, and while Nexon is interested, it can't afford Activision. Bloomberg said the only option Vivendi has should a buyout fall through is to put its shares on the open market which would cause share prices to plummet due to over supply and little demand for the stock. Additionally, with the games industry in a huge financial funk, many investors may shy away from purchasing stock in the company. You can read more on the financial site's theories through the link.

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