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Report - The Sims Social biting Zynga player base

A study suggests Playfish's Facebook phenomenon The Sims Social is taking a slice of Zynga's pie.

Raptr's report on player behaviour noted that The Sims Social is evoking very similar patterns to Zynga games.

"Average sessions length, average number of sessions per day/week/month almost exactly match those of Zynga’s top games," the report commented.

This in conjunction with Raptr's finding that of the top 20 games played by Sims Social fans, ten are Zynga titles, suggests there's significant overlap in playerbase.

Now the kicker: in the wake of the Sims Social's release, average weekly play time for Zynga's two massives, FarmVille and Empires & Allies, dropped 25 percent, with a smaller drop for CityVille.

Admittedly, EA also saw drops in player activity on related titles like The Sims 3 and Pet Restaurant.

The Sims Social has seen major success since its release, reaching 50 million monthly active users.

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