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Report - New Line Cinema making film adaptation of arcade classic Rampage

The Hollywood Reporter has word that New Line Cinema has put "into development" an adaptation of the 80's arcade game, Rampage.

According to the report, John Rickard of Final Destination and A Nightmare on Elm Street fame is slated to produce, and is currently meeting with writers at the moment.

For those too young to remember Rampage, the game was a 1986 arcade favorite from Bally Midway, which had players stepping into the shoes of massive monsters destroying the city while trying to survive military interruptions.

The original game was eventually ported to Atari, Commodore 64, DOS, ZX Spectrum, NES, and Sega Master systems for home use. Subsequent versions of the franchise were developed and released over the years, with the most recent version, Rampage: Total Destruction, seeing a release on Wii, GameCube, DS and PS2.

New Line, which is owned by Warner Bros., is of the opinion that current technology has "advanced enough that the possibility exists" to make a "smartly budgeted" monster movie based on the game.

We have to say, we're a bit curious to see how a movie based on a werewolf, lizard and a giant ape destroying a city would fare at the box office.

Thanks, Lolshock94.

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