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Report - 3DS pre-orders "outpacing Wii’s total number of advance orders," says UK retail


Pre-orders for 3DS are coming in so fast in the UK, Nintendo will have to have more devices in stores than it did for Wii's debut.

According to retail sources speaking with MCV, the hotter than hot pre-order demand has caused Nintendo to speed up its "manufacturing and replenishment plans," in order to make sure the demand for the device is met and stores aren't left with empty shelves.

Sources also claim pre-orders are outpacing Wii’s total number of advance orders, and stores are expecting UK pre-orders to surpass those of Wii.

"3DS is the most amazing bit of technology that will help take gaming to a new level," HMV CEO Simon Fox told MCV. "Its 3D features blew me away, and I’m sure it will prove one of the biggest global launches ever, which we really look forward to supporting."

Nintendo UK GM David Yarnton told VG247 during Nintendo's European 3DS event that "as pre-sales come we’ll be doing more restock and allocation."

"But more importantly," he said, "we want to be sure we’ve covered those who’ve put their deposit down."

3DS is out March 25 in the UK and March 27 in the US.

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